Warfare 1944! A game that promises to be a fantastically interesting, and devilishly complex title by Con Artist Productions totally and utterly fails in every single way... yes, we found a flop. And this really is a surprise, the other titles I've review by Con Artist Productions and Armor games were simply fantastic. However where they succeeded with intrigue and creativity, this game simply... well... doesn't.

And yet you would think it does! When the game first loads you are presented with options, you can continue a campaign, have a custom battle, the options are fantastic. I can turn off music and sound effects separately (a feature I am big on, and the title music doesn't loop in some stupid fashion every 10 seconds or something. No this game seems perfectly good at the menu.

Even after that it seems that it will deliver a good time. The first time you play it, it suggests to watch the clever tutorial training video... This would suggest complex game play that requires explaining ahead of time, and can't just be figured out on the fly. Well as I am a guy, and it's in my nature never to read instructions, I just simply skipped over the fancy flash video and dove right in.

Now essentially, you can control either the German or American army in 1944, I took the Americans of course. The game is split up into several different missions that attempt some sort of familiarity to world war II, however there is very little if any correlation. There are units which you deploy on the tiny battlefield down 1 of 3 lanes in an attempt to win the map.

That's about it. There is some silly nonsense about upgrades or something, but it turns out you can complete the entire game without them. Granted I did this on the easiest difficulty, but I don't see the game getting anymore complicated then counting to 10.

You have reinforcement supply that allows you to send out troops, and these troops travel down their respective lane-way till they reach some sort of barrier. This could take the form of a hedge or a brick wall, but they are usually fairly evident.

Now depending on the type of unit it was, it will continue advancing, maybe take up position at the wall and provide cover fire, or launch mortars down the field. then after you've launched lots of units and managed to get to the end of the field and flank the enemy, their morale or something goes down... I don't really get that part, but if you do it enough you win so whatever.

That's it. If you manage to do it 9 times, I think, you complete the campaign and are rewarded with a newspaper headline and your stats.

It took all of like 18 minutes, and half way through I felt like just closing the browser because it was such a waste of time. So much more could have been down with this game. They could have had a complex system involving having to siege various sections of the countries, and then when you have certain territories you get more support in others. They could have had an upgrade system that is useful. Perhaps a computer that isn't so dull witted and basic. They could have done something useful.

However, they did not. I have to say all in all there isn't much more to say about this game. It wasn't that fun, I doubt I would recommend it to anyone anyway... in fact don't play this (if you already have, sorry for your loss), go here instead and play The Last Stand... a Con Artist game that I enjoyed.


Longevity: 2.0/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 1.0/5
Sound: 4.0/5
Simplicity: 2.0/5

Overall: 2.4/5