The most played game on Adult Swim, Amateur Surgeon is the future of Operation! The classic game... but now it has been revamped to include everything from a pizza cutter to a chainsaw. Users take the role of Alan Probe, a pizza delivery guy who accidentally runs into an ex-surgeon with a dark past. As the game progress' we find more and more about these two, and the old surgeon who is guiding Alan more so. The plot definitely adds a little something extra to this unique game.

Clients will simply walk in off the street to lay down on your tool table and be cut open, but don't worry it's all for the sake of the community. The game escalates in difficulty quite nicely, and it starts off explaining things very smoothly. There are many different tasks a surgeon must preform, from simply cutting open a patient, to difficult brain operations and organ transplant procedures. Alan (the user) manages to do all of these with nothing more than the common things you might find in the back of any pizza truck.

This game really is something else. Normally this quirky games are simplistic, and require little to no skill. Amateur Surgeon is different, gamers will regularly run out of time, or have to try the same operation multiple times to get the timing just right. Patients have pulse rate that must be monitored, as well as a specific amount of time available to complete the operation. The patient does die more quickly also depending on what activities you are doing to him... cutting into a ribcage with a chainsaw does take it's toll. Don't worry tho, Alan has a secret weapon. A corkscrew with pain relief gel will give the patient a surge of vitality and allow Alan a few more precious minutes to be able to close him up and send him on his way.

There is a VERY large variety of procedures, and you never now what you are going to have to deal with until you are in the middle of it. This requires fast thinking and a very steady hand. For example, when removing the ribcage if your cutting is even slightly off you will have to start all over, and if you don't move quickly enough the same will happen. The creator really makes you feel like a real surgeon, having to move quickly and confidently.

The game is organized into 3 Files and 1 secret file. I managed to get through the first file in good time, but then stopped for the sake of time. The game seperates each file into location, so by the 2nd file You are now located out of the back of a shop, and into the back of an alley. But don't worry everything that Alan and the good doctor do is perfectly sanitary.

This game would be wonderful to be used to train mouse coordination, as well as speed. Furthermore, this game has a grading system for how well each operation was done. Also the game has total operating time taken, as well as a total score accumulated. Not only can surgeries be repeated and improved,due to the shear size of the game, it has great repeat value. Games can be loaded so you don't need to start over each time you play. This is the kind of game that I will go back to later and beat over a few hours just because it is so challenging and entertaining.

The sounds are required to play, and I never even checked to see if you could disable them, obviously this means it isn't important for this game. Hands go down to the author for thinking of damn near everything in this game.

One final comment, the details make this game what it is. From the cartoon characters that don't take themselves to seriously, to the fine points of surgery. Something like if your patient's wounds are cauterized but not sealed for to long they re-open. Something as simple as that makes you have to focus that much harder and balance closing him up as well as cauterizing wounds. The more open sores the faster he dies, so both are critical.

Overall I have to say I was very pleased with this obscure title. It is very obvious as to why this game has over 50 million plays. I encourage you to try this game out, but don't try and beat it in one day. Come back to it each night and do 2 or 3 operations until it's finished, it is worth the time.


Longevity: 4.0/5
Interface: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 4.0/5
Sound: 4.0/5
Simplicity: 3.55

Overall: 4.0/5