The apocalypse has hit... zombies are infesting the world... you, your barricade, and the rag-tag team of survivors you've found are being rescued in 20 days... can you make it? The Last Stand by Con Artist Productions is a fantastic zombie game that, while VERY lightweight, is perfect for it's size, and delivers in some areas that make it just better. Sometimes in life it's the little things that matter, and flash games are no exception. The little production values are what really matter in this game, and The Last Stand really does bring them to the table. It has everything from journal entries as the days progress, to an amazing menu screen and a changing background as the night ticks on.

This is a zombie game we can all relate to. You are put in charge of the defense of a barricade, and using your sidearm and a few survivors, you must fend off 20 waves of oncoming zombies. In between waves tho you have daylight, and you had better make the most of those 12 hours if you are going to survive each night. You essentially have 3 functions that need to be balanced. Those include fixing the barricade, looking for better weapons, and finding more survivors.

To get you in the mindset of this game, they have done a few things I really like... firstly it should be said the only option you have is the quality of the graphics. There is no music... now normally I would be upset and angry that there is no options for music or sound. However this game is done perfectly, it really gets you in the somber mindset of slaying zombies. I mean unlike Blade 3, if the zombie apocalypse did come I doubt we would all be listening to our Ipods while slaughtering them.

So the idea is simple, the night time sections, where you shoot zombies, is relatively easy. I mean you just plug away and aim for the head. Yes see what I mean by the little things? Head shots in this game are very effective, and for the last wave you need them. There are different types of zombies, none are identified by name, but you can tell from appearence. And the soldier zombies have kevlar body armor or something. This means you really do need to aim for their heads, that or risk losing since it will tkae nearly a full clip to put only 1 down.

Now, this game is hard. And not the kind of hard that you manage to beat after two or three tries. This game is the kind of hard where you might not beat it. Ever. The reason is that if you don't balance the time you spend just right you will lose very early on.

I personally lost on wave 3 four or five times. The reason is you need to balance searching for weapons and for survivors very well early on. Essentially it boils down to, survivors are the life blood of your defense. You might have a shotgun, but that shotgun doesn't compare to having 5 or 6 people shooting in addition to you.

Overall this game has no replay value, but you will want to beat it to see the ending, I'd recommend it.


Longevity: 2.0/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 4.0/5
Sound: 4.5/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.6/5