Another one of those trippy, music repeats, everything flashes, and the points go up way to fast games, Epic Coaster on Kongregate has just in along with the recent influx of games that serve up psychedelic graphics and sounds to match... but is it any good.

Well I mean it is difficult to say if the game is actually any good, but it isn't really all that bad. I mean compared to our favorite game of this genre, Robot Unicorn Attack, it is a little bit simpler, and there is a little bit less flash, and the music isn't as good... but that's a good thing. This game is very low key when it comes to this type, you only get 1 life, you have to try and get as far as possible on that 1 life, as well as get any achievements the game might have to offer.

More specifically, you are riding or driving an epic coaster down a track that is made up of broken pieces of track. The goal is... well there isn't really any goal, just don't fall off and get lots of points is really all there is. You hit space to jump, and get extra points at often seemingly random times, and there are like 80 achievements in the game, so you are unlocking something every few seconds when you first start.

Dieing happens quite quickly, with once you plummet over the edge, you start back at the main screen very fast, and since you can just keep hitting space to start the game becomes very fluid. It is easy to hammer off a few tries and runs, and not notice the fact that you did... I like that feature.

Music can be disabled if you want, and it does have a slightly short track, but it is bearable and I never turned it off once. The difficulty does ramp up eventually, and getting the 15,000 meter achievement is a tad tricky, but quite possible.

Overall I enjoyed this little game, it's small, lightweight, addicting and fun... everything that a flash game should be sometimes. I would absolutely recommend this game to kill a little bit of time during the day.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 3.5/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 4.5/5

Overall: 3.6/5