Junk Battles, a game hosted on Kongregate, our favorite flash site, is a multi-player online game with very little actual good game play... honestly unless you are going to play for a few days, don't bother to.

You see, this game is focused around an RPG style adventure game that has you building various ships and contraptions to complete quests and battle other players in PvP format... I have to say, when I read the name I thought it was a short game based off the popular show called battle bots. Turns out I was totally wrong, the game is huge with tournaments, weekly and monthly awards, and absurdly long game play.

And it doesn't even do that part well. This game seems like a total failure, it has no addictive qualities, I forced myself to play it for nearly 6 hours just to see if it got any better and it doesn't. The sound is repetitive, the graphics aren't anything really special for this type of game, and the depth of character or story is nonexistent.

So this game, honestly, has no purpose in it's existence whatsoever, you are better off paying signing up for a 10-day free trial of WoW and playing that... However in the interest of flash game reviews, I must concede and still describe this game in it's fullest, the good parts, the bad, and just about everything else.

So to start off, you are a pilot or builder of some nature who must scavenge for parts by any means necessary in order to build a craft to fight. This craft is also your health, your special attacks, and your mode of transportation around the world. The game starts off fairly slow, and takes a while before there is any point in customizing a ride at all. The game is broken into several components: questing gets you packs of items as well as levels. There is a garage for both PvP and world use... certain items have restrictions in the world map and can only be used in controlled PvP. There is no global PvP in the sense that you can run into a person, it is all organized and you can never do it if you want.

You start off in a small town talking to a fellow named Rusty, this section helps with the tutorial, which is one thing the game does very well. It teaches the basics of both combat, as well as building a craft, and navigating the game. The music and sounds will drive you literally up the wall insane, and I suggest disabling them as quickly as possible... which is accessible from anywhere in the game.

After a brief time you will enter your first battle. The type of combat engine is similar to a Final Fantasy style with something like an attack timer. Instead of a bar that fills up before you can attack you have something called your piston. This is essentially the thing that "loads" attacks and into your bar, they then travel for a short time until exiting and actually going off. What this means basically is that when you click an attack it doesn't happen right away. You can also see your enemies attack bar, and can tell what attacks are coming. There is only ever one enemy doing battle with you at a time, so you can definitely focus during combat.

The average enemy will give you no trouble at all, however if you engage in PvP know this, everyone is better and will beat you. There literally are people who sit on this game for like 8 hours a day, and breath and sleep it... a serious waste of time if you ask me. The game deserves a few hours a day for a week at most, and honestly I'd stay away from it the same way you should stay away from rabid wolverines.

There is also an auction section to the game where people with smurf accounts buy and sell to get their under leveled accounts super good items so they can smash you in PvP when they are bored of smashing you with their regular accounts. This isn't actually an exaggeration, there was a group of people telling everyone to stay away from someone who was specifically doing it... even tho they all do it. The game develops more and more options with regards to combat, and a few new items and chassis types but I mean it never REALLY changes at all.

The game play will stay simple, you will always want to slice your throat open, and at some point you WILL rip your speakers in half, hulk style. I have to say, this game lacks a lot of effort and polishing, like you would figure the guys testing it would tell the lead designers how much the music SUCKS. All in all I am sure you can pretty well guess what I thought of this game... sorry Kongregate normally your stuff is awesome... but not here.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 2.0/5
Addictiveness: 1.5/5
Sound: 2.0/5
Simplicity: 2.0/5

Overall: 2.0/5