An eerie title that was produced in 2009, this game really does take on a mind of it's own. The Company of Myself is on of those games on Kongregate that you don't even notice you are playing until you get stuck, it's fluid filled with story and awesome...

First, to be frank, this game is shockingly fun, simple in nature, and devilishly complex. If you manage to wrap your mind around the concepts that it relies on, and the nature of the game, you will find it hauntingly beautiful, and irresistible to finish it. You traverse 20 levels as the sole character, at least for most of it. You don't seek the attention of others, nor their companionship, and you don't need it either. With the ability to help yourself in interesting ways, you manage to make due and complete the tasks required.

Ok Ok Ok I'll avoid the cryptic talk, you navigate progressively more difficult puzzles in an ever infuriating attempt to get to a green door. Upon reaching said green door, you press the space bar and poof you beat the level...

That's where the normal part ends and the plot picks up... you see the character you control use to have a love named Katelyn who he murdered... and well it gets even more complex, but lets just say you need to finish the game to get the amazing detail. Not only is the plot complex, but game play revolves around a style that is virtually 100% unique to this game. You see, when you press the space bar and you are NOT on a green door you die, and are reborn in a new life. At that point when you spawn, your copy and ever other copy you have created that level will play out its life in perfect replica and stop moving at the final position. It will trigger any leavers, cross any boundaries, and complete any tasks it was previously assigned.

This feature is so unique and incomprehensible that the first level where you actually need to use it could take you a few extra minutes... When you spawn as the version you are controlling that life, you can interact with the previous copies of yourself, and they can also interact with you. You can stand on their heads, they can stand on yours, and you can also jump off of them. These fundamental principles of the game essentially define it to be what it is. There are a variety of combinations with this principle that make the game complex, and the fact that you can do so many different things.

In addition to having many different iterations of yourself to use to complete goals, there are certain force fields which add more and more depth to the game. You see, pink force fields, only your previous copies can walk or run on, and green force fields on your actual self can walk on. This means that it can be required to imagine how your character might behave and preform that action, even tho you are actually seeing it happen. This leads to mind bending scenarios where you have to pretend you are jumping up stairs, or running even tho you are up against a wall.

This game also stretches your imagination for what is possible with clones... it might be required on some levels to stack them on top of each other and then run across something with the stack on your head. Other possibilities involved you standing on the copies head while you stand still... a lot of things happen.

I normally don't give hints, but the last level drove me almost to using a hint guide, so the trick is... remember that you have an unlimited number, and that you can jump off their heads.. in mid air.

But the real point to this game is the plot and overall, even with the amazing engine, that is still the best part. As an aside, the sound can be disabled by using "p" to pause and adjust, but you will see it really suits the game. Back to the plot, it really does make the game, the intriguing ideas it puts forth, and when you finish, to see the actual message... You should beat this game, go out and do it now.


Longevity: 3.0/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 3.5/5
Sound: 4.0/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 3.5/5