TOSS THE TURTLE! Well, 'toss' is not a very accurate word, fire out of a grotesquely large cannon would probably be better. This game promises to entertain you in many graphically filled ways...

Found on Kongregate, this game really does push the bounds of this genre, there are a plethora of flash games out there that involve launching something out of something trying to get the max distance... this one does it very well. The little things in this game make it good, like the turtles hilarious faces as he plummets against the ground, the awards for getting impaled on spikes, and hitting goombas. The music fits the game well, and the sounds are hilarious and don't get overly annoying after 20 or 30 shots, however bot are easy to disable if you want to.

The goal of the game is to buy everything at the shop, and shoot the turtle as far as possible... well at least that is about the only thing I can get from it. You complete this task by upgrading between rounds and then during the main game, once you have fired, controlling the little shelled friend as he travels through the air is done with the WADS keys. Actually, the first thing I noticed when I hit play on this title is the way the tutorial is designed, it isn't interactive, or long or anything, two simple pictures explain the entire game, brevity is wonderful.

So, that being said this game obviously doesn't have a difficulty factor, the longer you play the more money you get the better the items and farther your launch. It is a pretty simple system that ensures people will want to keep playing to get everything, but I mean it really is THAT simple. I did enjoy tho the variety of stuff that is created and ends up in your way. Early on you will find yourself controlling your flight to try and hit certain objects that propel you farther and farther, lots of good fun.

Many different types of upgrades are available including better weapons and high powered jet packs... even mini nukes can be purchased to propel the turtle sky-high and over incredible distances. The variety of upgrades is appreciated, however once you get the golden gun with it's golden bullets, everything else seems kinda stupid. This gun will instantly, and with only a single bullet, shoot the turtle that max horizontal speed, and massive vertical gain. It kinda solves the game, and allows you to clear 3,000,000 million feet without any problems at all.

The extraneous features such as medals and things on the screen as you fly do actually add to the game. In order to pass the 3 million milestone you really need to play for a long time and accumulate those medals. They give bonuses to certain features and parts of the game, and are next to essential to get. However the problem is that they are purely random, as almost all of them involve what things you land on or hit, and since that has no guarantee... well I am sure you can see the point. This game while entertaining and fun, and graphically pleasing... just doesn't have any sort of difficulty associated with it.

And that's perfectly acceptable as overall, this game, isn't supposed to be a challenge, it is an exercise in repeated aggression against small shelled animals. This game does preform like you want it to, short fast and to the point. It is the way we want it to be, and does what it promises, and that promise is entertainment for about an hour. I would definitely recommend this flash game, but then I'd say to quit whenever you get bored.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 3.0/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 4.0/5

Overall: 3.4/5