SELL! SELL! SELL! That is the mindset in this game. Lemonade World seems to be like every other 'tycoon' style game. Where you need to balance buying selling, price and recipe. Also it includes advertising and resources... sounds like a lot? Not quite, it's the entire game.

You see, usually in these reviews I find I have a lot to talk about, be it sound or graphics or game play, or who knows what... well this is not the case. This game is simply put, not very fun. You see, the game play is both confusing and at times pain painstakingly complicated.

To start, users are put in control of a lemonade stand. Your task is very simple, just sell some lemonade. However along the way you are going to need to do a few things that the average stand owner doesn't need to do. This includes chopping ice, growing and watering your own tree's, and even dealing with advertising.

The game has a 30-day cycle, inside of which you are trying to get as much wealth as possible. Oddly enough the meter displaying how popular your stand is has no bearing on your overall score. This means you can not worry about popularity, and focus just on saving cash and cutting corners.

The game does include the usual contenders such as having to buy cups and sugar and grow lemons and cut ice... and there isn't much else. I thought you might have had a mini-game for cutting ice, but no nothign at all.

A few things that pissed me off about this game were, you can't tell what they think of the lemonade, and you don't know how to change the recipe. The only thing is it shows you what temp it is, and you adjust ice accordingly. However there is no response guide for if you have to much sugar, or not enough. And I just don't get this.

Another thing is the tutorial. It explains what you are doing and where everything is, but never really explains how to succeed. It more or less leaves that up to the user to kinda fail at. However you never really fail, you jsut get a low score.

The sound is fine, I enjoy the chill relaxed music and everything is easy to turn off and on. But I have to say I was dissapointed in this game.

Overall, I have no drive and no desire to ever play this game again... and I won't. It really is a rather trash title that lacks the polish today's flash games have.


Longevity: 1.5/5
Interface: 2.5/5
Addictiveness: 2.0/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 2.5/5