Another game that brings a few different elements to the Tower Defense lineup of games. Cursed Treasure is a decent little title that does a couple things differently that you might enjoy.

First let me start out by saying, that after only 30 minutes of game play you won't be very far into the game... maybe to the 6th or 7th stage, but I highly doubt any farther. And for some that's enough, they don't need anymore. But not for me, I need to finish a game, it is something that will drive me into insanity if I don't get it done. But when it comes to this game, I hit the 2nd last stage (number 14) and I spent 4 or 5 attempts and just could not finish it... it really pissed me off actually...

Anyway, on to the game. So it is a very similar type of Tower defense game. Units will spawn from usually one or two locations, however the levels are varied enough to have up to 4 spawn points. Towers are purchased, with only 3 types being available. Once these types get upgraded through the standard process of having to have a certain amount of experience, and spend the required gold things change. You see each of the original 3 towers have 2 additional types once they reach the 4th level of upgrades. This adds for a bit of creativity and planning when building defense.

Now, as opposed to having a limited number of lives, and whenever baddies cross your line losing one, this game takes a different view on the subject. You see on each level you will have crystals that the enemies are trying to capture. Each time an enemy makes it to the crystal area he will pick one up and start moving it back to the spawn point. Users normally start with 5 crystals. As the enemy carries the crystal back to your spawn point, he can be killed. However this means he will drop the crystal where he is killed, closer to the spawn point and closer to where you will lose part of your life. This adds an element not seen in most Tower Defense games but it doesn't really re-invent the wheel.

There is a tutorial of course, and it isn't to hard to figure everything out on your own. Now once you beat a level you are awarded with experience points based on how well you did. These points can then be used to upgrade skills which will affect your game play. I do enjoy this type of RPG style element in a game type that you wouldn't expect it. However one thing I did not enjoy was the fact that once you confirm your skills, you can never go back and readjust them. This seems unrequired, and just complicates the game I felt.

Now another feature they added is that each type of tower can only be placed on the correct piece of corresponding land. This means you can't spam only one type of tower, and because of forest area, you can't just put towers anywhere. There is also a magic component with you having access to three separate spells. There is an ax which allows you to remove forest and build more towers. There is a fireball spell, and an ability that makes your towers shoot faster for a limited time. This is all fine and well, but I wish there was more depth in this area of the game.

The sound is a touch loud, and will probably get on your nerves after a short amount of time. But have no fear the mute button is here! that's right just click SOUND in the upper left at any point and the game is instantly on mute, a very nice feature.

So overall I have to say that as far as TD games go, it is a slight bit different, but by no means is it jaw-dropingly good, I wouldn't suggest this over any other mediocre defense style game.


Longevity: 3.5/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 2.5/5
Sound: 2.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 2.9/5