30 Days. The most difficult prey you can ever find. The most dangerous game you will ever play. To be the hunter, in Man vs Man... and to enjoy it. That is today's game.

Man Hunter by:Iron Zilla is one of those games you question whether it is 'right' or not... but at the end of the day, you are still just shooting things based on a skill system, that requires good reactions, and a high degree of understanding when it comes to prey.

Thats right, you are put in control of a hunter, a hunter in search of the perfect prey... a human of course, what else could be more difficult to hunt. This is the true 'ultimate sport' and as such, it is the true flash game. In reality the game principles on normal play are quite simple.

In 30 hunting days, you have to collect the highest number of points possible. This is done through endless mowing down of humans, high degrees of accuracy and good percentages.

Gamers start with almost zero cash, and have to begin the hunt immediately. You get no bait to start with, and have nothing more then a dagger to hunt with. However as the game progress' this becomes more powerful firearms, and more ammunition.

Different types of human prey are available, ranging from the Olympic runner to the steroid enhance bodybuilder. Stages are chosen at random during the equipment upgrade screen where you can purchase better weapons, more attractive bait, or better upgrades for your end result. The points matter in this one, and that is what will determine your overall score.

Addictiveness isn't too high, once you know how to hunt all th prey it becomes a tad repetitive, and if you ever enter 'Endless Mode' you will hate your life.

Essentially, you just hunt people with no care about accuracy or wasted bullets, or game missed in certain stages.

All in all I would recommend 'Man Hunter' as a great deterrent from everyday life, and an excellent way to waste the 30 minutes you dedicate to this website. However, the simplest features, like disabling sound are lacking... So I can't credit it that well...


Longevity: 3.0/5
Interface: 3.5/5
Addictiveness: 4.0/5
Sound: 2.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 3.2/5