A helicopter, a man and a submarine, your alien entity must occupy and morph regularly between each of these states... It must be brutal to find a wardrobe to keep up, and when if is all said and done, in no way will you want to play again.

An Agent of Change is another run-of-the-mill flash game, with nothing special to offer, and no real redeeming qualities. The idea for the game is quite clever, but it is pulled off in a simplistic way, and is far to easy. This game has a challenge level of roughly 0. The 6 stages with 4 or so levels each took me roughly 15 minutes to work through, and I would have played more... but that's it, the game is over.

Users are put in control of an alien that has crash landed on earth, and must run around a few levels and collect the parts to his ship in order to flee this planet, and we can assume return home.

There are is 1 enemy, a little green dude that walks around on a couple levels that is more or less a joke. On some levels there are cannonballs... again, a joke. Most stages contain some sort of impassable terrain in certain forms, which means you must use the transfiguration areas to get passed it.

By transfiguration, I mean little round things that morph you into either a helicopter or a submarine. Don't worry tho, both use the exact same physics and both are equally as bad. Like really, this game is as obvious as Tetris... actually that's mean, Tetris requires a bit of skill... This game is just dumb.

Once you collect the part in the level, or if there is no part, once you get the door you press the up arrow and the level is over.

The sound in this game isn't as terrible as I would think, but it really doesn't do anything special. I did like the music, but again no sound effects, so really the only thing to listen to is the music.

Once you beat this game, which even the worst gamer could do, you click a button, and your space ship launches and congratulations you have won... Then the game does something REALLY dumb.

You don't get a score, you don't get a 'good' cut scene, you don't even get like a re-direct to the owners site.

You get the option to Play Again... Why the hell would I want to play as linear and simplistic of a game after I had just beaten it.? What purpose does that serve? Can I improve somehow? Maybe if the creators had given us something to work towards besides completion there would be some inspiration to go back and better my score or something... but no, there isn't

Overall I have to say I am VERY disappointed... and normally games with 'old school graphics' are very good. Not this one.


Longevity: 1.5/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 1.0/5
Sound: 2.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 2.2/5