I was sitting in class and saw a friend playing a classic favorite flash game of mine, so I just had to review it! It is a classic game from back in 2007 by a man named Alan Rawkins.

Dolphin Olympics 2 is the sequal to Dolphin Olympics (no brainer there right?), but it is much more of just an updated version then a sequal. The graphics engine is very smooth, animations and controls seem alot more fluid, and everything just seems... well... newer.

The premise of the game is very very simple... and thus super addictive.... You are a dolphin, and need to preform tricks in order to rack up huge points, stringing together huge combos allows for massive scores in the millions.

The game reminds me of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy; once you reach a high enough altitude in your jumps you can escape to slide on the stars, and pass by planets and nebula alike.

The game has no music to speak of, and gameplay is about as linear as it gets, the sounds can be disabled, which is nice, and there is a brief tutorial.

I actually decided to record myself playing, and I will explain the gameplay as best I can. It is directional, using the arrow keys to accelrate, turn left and right, and to do barrel rolls.

Again i warn you before you procede... this game is very addictive... you will always try and beat your old score. Also with online score postings as well as a facebook app version where you can compete against your friends, this game has alot of community behind it... it is a REALLY easy way to kill a few hours.

Overall, I love Dolphin Olympics 2, and would greatly encourage you to try it out.


Longevity: 3.0/5
Interface: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 5.0/5
Sound: 2.5/5
Simplicity: 4.0/5

Overall: 3.8/5