Well, if there was any game that was prefect to review at 5 AM, Ninja Hunter by the Bekho Team is that game.

        This game actually reminded me of the advertisements for McDonalds saying it was part of a nutritious diet... Total false advertising and mis-representation.

        Ninja Hunter has nothing to do with ninjas, and even less to do with hunting. I was so happy when the game first opened also; shortcuts for both sound muting, as well as quality control were to be found easily. A difficulty setting was present, and TWO game modes! Surely everything one could dream for in a fast-paced ninja hunting action title... it even calls itself action!

         In reality, the game starts with ninja attacking your temple and you are trying to ward them off and protect it... reminded me of chaperoning for a drunken 17-year old prom date... you HAVE to do it, but you don't really want to. Oh, and by ward them off, I don't mean with good sword play.

        Words appear, you type them, ninjas die.

         End of game.

        Well there is another action sequence that takes place at the end of every level where you have to hit a series of arrow keys in combination with the space bar, and then you get to build gold and buy upgrades to ward off the invaders more effectively... but at the end of the day, you still just type words.

         Even tho I am using a NetBook right now, I still found normal and hard mode to be relatively easy. Game play is extremely short lived, with the entertainment factor wearing off after the 2nd or 3rd level. I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone... unless you want to teach your 8 year old better typing skills. And while there are different types of ninja... you still just type the word above their head and they die.

        All in all... go back to playing to Dolphin Olympics 2 since I know you are still hooked.


Longevity: 1.0/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 1.0/5
Sound: 1.5/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 2.0/5

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