PENGUINS!!! That's right, in today's flash game review we take a brief look at a game called Learn to Fly. this game involves a bit of control, some timing, and a touch of intelligence... the perfect combination in my book.

The game, hosted on Kongregate, puts you in charge of a penguin who is trying to learn to fly I suppose... really the game plot is just a hilarious excuse to have a penguin with a glider and rockets strapped to it's back traveling at hundreds of miles per hour through the air. However, even with this fault, which makes no sense at all, the game still manages to entertain greatly... in fact it might top the charts with how hilarious it is to watch and play.

So the basic premise is you have a penguin traveling down a ramp of a given height, and once he reaches the bottom he will fly out into the sky and attempt certain goals. Goals correspond to the given level, so maybe it is a certain number of feet you must reach, or a speed or a height. Whatever the goal, each of the four stages has one.

Controls are fairly basic, once the penguin is in the air you use your controls to modify it's flight path, and the space bar triggers the rocket that might be strapped to it. The point in varying it's flight path is since once it hits the water it can bounce... it reminded of me and hitting the water with a skipping stone, the flatter the stone the better the bounce.

Items can be purchase at the store, with cash gained through achievements and how well you preformed during each jump. You can buy upgrades relating to lowering air resistance, or increasing rocket fuel and everything in between. And I mean the game, while not that hard is still fairly entertaining. Like tyhe penguin is hilarious to watch go off the ramp.

The goal in the game is of course to reach 6,000 feet traveled. This is most easily accomplished by just upgrading the hell out of everything that you have available, and then learning how to use your rockets. Since the game gives you a huge amount of data once you have an upgraded glider, try and minimize your wind resistance, while maximizing speed and elevation. If you do these few things your penguin will certainly learn to fly.

Again, this game isn't meant as a challenge, it shouldn't be hard, and won't take you three days. The graphics sounds and premise of a penguin who just wants to learn to fly will touch your heart... and well... hell just go out do what I say and play the game, it's fun you'll like it and enjoy wasting some time on it.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 3.0/5
Sound: 3.0/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.0/5