The thrilling, and long awaited sequel, Achievement Unlocked 2 really does build on where the first game left off. With 250 achievements to unlock, you can spend hours and hours... and hours on it. Well, if you suck, it only took me 45 minutes.

Found on Kongregate, this little gem really is absolutely hilarious to play, the point of it is to satire and poke fun at other flash games. and games in general which give achievements for no real reason. This review covers some of the comical action of the tiny elephant, and will touch on a few of the more obscure achievements... and yes I really did the entire game in 45 minutes, but I mean hey... I'm amazing so whatever.

So to start, when the game first loads up you unlock about a dozen achievements instantly. and a bunch more are unlocked from not even moving... which is also one, not moving that is. The elephant is controlled via the arrow keys... or for another achievement use WADS. Of course tho, several tasks present themselves on your quest to unlock achievements, including running in your wheel, drinking some water, filling the levels and collecting coins. Coins are placed sporadically throughout each level, and as we all know when there are coins, you must collect them at all costs. However, instead of being highly visible, they are incredibly tough to see which forces you to really run EVERYWHERE in the levels.

Speaking of levels, more are purchased through the in-game store, don't worry to much about the cost as it is rolled into the coins you pickup in the game. In fact buying levels is quite humorous, as the game doesn't take itself very seriously and so includes several comments from random sources which are all false. As you purchase levels, go and collect coins to buy more until you get to the roof... and the manor in which you travel is quite unique.

You see, Achievement Unlocked 2 makes great use of launchers that move the elephant up and down, these may defy the laws of gravity, but they are essential to moving around. You do jump quite high, but not high enough... it's never high enough is it now? Also there are horrible stalagmites that kill you in various ways, and platforms that teleport you all around. There is a slot machine, and a full octave worth of keys on a piano... and that is just to start.

This game has a massive amount of content considering that the time trial mode only allows for the first four minutes of game play. Seeing the nonstop flood of unlocking things is quite rewarding, but at some of them you feel rather silly. This feeling only goes towards the real message of the game which is to make fun and laugh at games that do this in a much more serious fashion.


How many of us have played a stupid flash game, or console game that spits this message out, and we think to ourselves... my god was I supposed to be glad for that waste of a message... it reminds me of WoW.

The sounds work nicely for the game, there is a handy mute button, but no volume control, it doesn't really interfere with the game seeing as I liked the music. In 30 minutes I did get a good portion of the entire game done, but of course that is the easy part. I would recommend this to everyone, I mean it isn't a huge game, it won't make you want to play it for hours but it is definitely hilarious.


Longevity: 3.5/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 4.0/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 3.6/5