Spider-man 1... Awesome movie. Spider-man 2... Decent film... Spider-man 3... Gouge out my eyes please. To be honest, few trilogies live up to anyone's expectations, and usually aren't even worth watching or playing. And to be honest Jail Break 3, while mildly fun is fun in the same way stabbing a fork into your hand can be fun, painfully so.

It is basic, not long, not very challenging and VERY repetitive. Like... super repetitive. I actually managed to play through this game twice, the first time took 12 minutes as I was doing other things, the second took 7:15. The game is more of a speed run type game as opposed to one that is difficult.

Controls have arrows and a space bar for sprinting. The object is to run the little black circle to the exit of each level without walking into anything that will catch you. And honestly, the things that catch you are incredibly dumb, and very easy to avoid. The hardest task is remembering to not move on the red stuff.

The background music is weak at best, and there is no way to disable it so it gets really stupid after a short while. The game is fairly responsive when it comes to controls, but you will never be able to tell because once you are good with them the game ends.

It literally takes 7 minutes to beat this game... not even close to 30. However, it is a touch fun as a speed run type game. Actually in mid writing this post, I went back and managed to shave a few seconds off my run. However I won't go back again.

I would encourage you to try this game, play through it and see if you can get your time down to under 7 minutes. But other than that, go play another game. Something else will entertain you much much more.


Longevity: 1.0/5
Interface: 2.5/5
Addictiveness: 1.0/5
Sound: 2.0/5
Simplicity: 4.5/5

Overall: 2.2/5