Today's review is brought to you by SPEEEEEED! ... No not the TV channel if you are familiar with it. I am talking about the noun. I had the pleasure of playing a game called High Speed Chase 2, and honestly, it isn't too bad. I mean it isn't god's gift to mankind, but it works... I suppose.

So, this flash game is good enough to play, good enough to want to beat, but simply to plain to ACTUALLY finish off. That's right, I will admit I never finished this game. Hell I really got past the 50% completed mark, once you try the game you will understand why. the game simply does not have enough variety in content to be any good. I mean it scales in difficulty, but you kinda feel like it doesn't take anymore skill, you feel you are just getting lucky.

You are in control of a car that is in charge of wiping out baddies in other cars. You get imported to a certain piece of track via helicopter, and then the game starts feeling a touch like GTA2 and burnout smashed together. You need to damage the enemy vehicles to a point at which they crash and burn, referred to taking them down... or a take down, not much of a stretch.

The game helps you along providing upgrades and actually has some sort of cash/upgrade system that feels a touch like an RPG but isn't really at all. You see instead of the upgrades being like, more vehicle health or higher average speed, the upgrades instead are stupid. They circle around the power-ups that you get dropped during the actual chases. I mean I suppose this makes sense, but it feels a little silly to drive around and pickup bullets.

Next comes the music, it gets VERY repetitive, VERY quickly. To the point where I wanted to just burn the speakers I have sitting on my desk. Luckily there is a way to disable music, buried in the main menu, can't be changed from the actual chases. However since there is no penalty for failing a chase other than a waste of your time it's OK. I mean you will fail a few of these chases. The bad guys shoot back, and cops are an ever present force to be dealt with, annoying, but still present. They are kinda like that in-law you HAVE to see during the holidays but don't really like.

The game does offer some ramps or something during every chase to propel you up and over cars, but it's a touch over the top, and wasn't really required in the game. Another thing is the author's desire to have people repeat chase's. You get a certain number of points during chases, and you have to get at least a bronze medal to proceed to the next mission. You can also always go back and upgrade your medals by doing better in chases... kinda a giant waste of time.

I have to admit that although my words sound trashy this game wasn't all that bad. It did help me avoid gouging my eyes out, and I never stabbed anyone with a fork during it, so it beats a few games I've had to play. Overall it was incredibly average and did not present me with any reason to ever play it again... ever.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 3.0/5
Addictiveness: 2.0/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 3.0/5

Overall: 2.8/5