Another day another zombie game it seems... But this one has the perfect amount of controlled chaos and shear violence to keep anyone enthralled for a brief 30 minutes. wpnFire by the guys over at Stick Page really does take the zombie killing weapon wielding stick figure mayhem to another level. With their AMAZING graphical work, and beautiful sound track this game is about as good as they get.

Gamers are set to navigate a stick warrior through the few levels battling zombies and knights. That's right... god damn knights. The graphical work is just amazingly brilliant for a flash game of this size, including even motion blurs and camera shaking as you unload a barrage of fire on unsuspecting villains. There are a few modes to chose from, all of which I would encourage sampling, but first use the training level to get used to the controls... which are easy anyway.

Also, a great feature, fully customizable control setup, and you can make those changes during game play. Speaking of game play, if you are to die you don't restart the entire game. Just a quick restart at each level and you are off again, this makes learning to beat the games two bosses rather enjoyable. No more spending 15 minutes to get to the boss each and every time before you find that trick to let you win. And win you should, considering I beat this games main mode in about 12 minutes. The trick is balancing aggression against the enemies with guns compared to accurate shooting and precision jumps. There is a kick you can do... but it is a touch stupid compared to unloading your pistol into some zombie skull. But don't bother aiming for the headshot... it doesn't do anything.

The other modes are similar, being survival style modes where you are looking to clear as many levels as possible. One mode is against knights, the other zombies, and finally against both. I will say this... the zombie level is absurdly easy to get really far in. The knight mode... is not. It requires REALLY fast mouse work, and well timed jumps to keep you alive. There are some cheats as well, but who the hell uses those.

This game is yet another great example of why stick figures do it best. I am absolutely glad to have found this gem, and hope everyone gets as much out of it as I did. All in all, this game is highly addictive; and with over 10 million plays, it is hardly a surprise.


Longevity: 4.0/5
Interface: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 4.5/5
Sound: 5/5
Simplicity: 4.0/5

Overall: 4.4/5