I actually spent more time thinking up a witty tag line for this game than playing it... and I couldn't. So the brunt of it is that this game is trash. Last Airbender: Elemental Battles is, I would assume, based on the upcoming movie, or maybe it was released.. who knows it really doesn't make any difference. If there was one thing we learned about bad American-made movies ripping off good anime it was Dragonball... and that was just a travesty. Now imagine that they made a terrible flash game promoting that terrible movie based off of something not from North America... YOU HAVE IT! That's this game.

Where to begin... ok well firstly you don't want to play this game because you might take a few months off your mouse. Essentially you don't even need your "powers" which are the exact same power but with a slightly different animation. You don't need timing, or good skill... you just spam left click and win. The level construction makes no real sense, with 2 obstacles: ropes and not ropes (aka the ground). There are a whopping FIVE levels to get through. But don't worry the 28 second sound clip that plays the entire way through is nice to listen to.

Physics? Who needs those! lets just slap on a hollywood name plate and SURELY it will do something useful! Actually, it doesn't. This game has seriously turned me off what could have been maybe a decent action movie, with cool effects. Well forget that.

You can't disable the stupid music either, there are no REAL save points. If you run out of lives, you start over again. There is no score, there are 2 baddies (generic, and last boss), and even the instructions suck.

However I did force myself to play this game until the end, and then had some fun with it. You can cause major glitches to the game if you use your right click and select the play option, and fool around. You start moving aroun at fifty times the speed of light, and you sound like Bugs Bunny on coke. After restarting and fixing the glitches, you then can spend goodtimes collecting baddies under ropes(no they can't jump up if you're on it, or cut you...

I can see the dialogue during the fight, "DAMN! We are in Flat world! WHERE DID HE GO! I SWEAR HE WAS JUST HERE BOB!". No they can't just look up, that would be to challenging... these are union fighters!

All in all this game was totally trash, really the ONE feature I liked was that if you bring a different window into focus it auto pauses the game... that's about it.