Sometimes the bad guys just want to cause the end of the world... why can't we fight for them sometimes? Well in Trap Master by Berserk Studio you can! That's right, you are put in control of a vile and simply evil monster in his lair, protecting his doom chest.

I have to say I really was quite pleased with this game. To be perfectly honest the second it loaded up, within the first 15 seconds I remember hearing myself say, "oh yes this is gonna be awesome". However all good things must come to an end. And dear readers, they absolutely did.

You see, you can create the greatest flash game known to man kind. You can fill it with amazing wonders and addiction, and an awe inspiring sound track that makes Lord of the Rings sound like an bad highschool band. You can get the newest graphics and smoothest effects...

But none of that matters at all if on the 6th level it glitches out and is broken forever. Even after restarting the game it just wouldn't work properly anymore... sadly it was turning out to be VERY VERY highly addictive, until I broke it or something.

So I will give my review the best I can, and hope that when you play it it works for you, but it will never work for me again.

Users are put in control of a monster who has to guard his Doom Chest... one can only assume it will cause all sorts of destruction all over the earth. Warning however, for the chest is not safe. What must be the nearby villagers know of your lair's whereabouts and have come to destroy the chest.. don't worry about yourself they never attack you.

And alas! there would be far to many of them for you to defeat on your own little monster... so have no fear the traps are here! That is right this game takes no only the first player element of running around gobbling down men with pitch forks, it also is a strategy game!

After each wave of little men, you get to use your awarded cash to spend on traps to enhance your lair. This traps are subdivided into two categories, Contraptions and Devices. Contraptions are things that will last the duration of the game. They are very much permanent, so careful placement is essential to winning. Also they can be upgraded, and any hardcore gamer will tell you, always get the upgrades. Devices are more temporary. They can range from blocks that obstruct the path of villagers until they get destroyed, to exploding ladders and bridges. Both categories are highly suggested to make game play easier. Furthermore you can upgrade your monster giving it better killing attributes, or your Doom Chest, giving it more health and healing it.

I have to say, this game has a HUGE amount of depth to it. From key placement of traps, to monitoring your mini-map and watching when catapults are coming. Replay value on this game must be enormous due to the fact that there is more than one type of monster to chose from. And in addition there are achievements and two separate difficulties.

Now for the part I like best... The sound was amazing, this games sound track had me on the edge of my seat. And the effects were just as good, especially the gobbling sound as you ingest a nasty little pitch fork man. All of these setting and more are controlled via the menu, also easy to get to.

There is an auto save option that is handy, and there is a meter showing you how much longer the wave has till it ends.

Even boss waves are present in this game, simply again showing the kind of depth that it has to it. I honestly can say I was VERY pleased with the game.

Well... the game that I got to play, which again was HIGHLY limited. So as far as playability, well it is very simple. However, it might glitch out on your and ruin the experience... I hope it doesn't tho. Let me know how it goes for ya... ...I did some more poking around and the version I now link to might work a bit better for you.

I ended up playing through the entire game... after level 18 or so it becomes a cake walk.


Longevity: 4.0/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 4.0/5
Sound: 4.5/5
Simplicity: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.8/5