Since yesterday I decided to do the "best" game on addicting games, today I did the highest rated ever... and I have to say, much much better. Age of War 2, by Max Games is worthy of its highest rated status as a flash game. It is a fantastic little title that does a few things quite well, and of course a few things terribly poorly.

First to the game. Users are in control I suppose of a "tower" and are facing an enemy... there is only one view, and you can see the entire battlefield by scrolling to the right using your mouse cursor... that's right this game is mouse friendly, meaning no keyboard required. The objective is to destroy the computers tower before it manages to destroy yours. This is accomplished by building units for assaulting your enemy, towers and turrets for defense. There are also more features that will be discussed that add to the definite complexity of the game.

First tho, a word on the various "difficulty" settings... This does not by any means increase the intelligence of the AI. All it does is give the computer more gold and XP at a faster rate than you aquire it. It reminds me ALOT of old school computer games where to make the computer harder they would simply give it an unfair advantage.

What do I mean by gold and XP? well as the game progress's both aer important to keep track of. Gold is what allows you to build offensive units as well as upgrade unit types for better use of funds when building them.

Next, XP gets used in two fashions. Firstly it can be used to rain destruction down on the battle field with a special attack. This attack will devastate the field and wipe out all enemy combatants. The more critical function however is advancing through the ages, a little bit like a civilization game. That said, there are very few, to nil opportunities to actually use the special because advancing is so critical.

The graphics in this game are about as good as you would expect, sound isn't terrible and it is easy to turn it off and on. Also there are more detailed controls for quality and even frame rate. This game can eat a lot of your computer power so turning it down might help on a slower machine.

Aside from that, once you master the concept of which of the 4 units to build and when and in what order the game becomes another title that will bore you. This effectively gives it very little replay value since the same ideas will work on each difficulty setting, with some minor tweaking.

Also if you seem to be having difficulty, try and keep gold and XP on hand... this will mean if the computer uses it's special to wipe your field, you don't instantly lose... and who makes turrets anyway...

Overall this game is a great use of time.. beat it on easy then on hard and then never play it again.


Longevity: 2.5/5
Interface: 3.5/5
Addictiveness: 3.0/5
Sound: 3.5/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 3.2/5