Normally when I am doing a review, I enjoy the games, I get caught up, I try and finish them and usually I stretch past 30 minutes. With this one I was watching the clock begging for that 30 minutes to be up.

Supreme Extreme Snowboarding by These Russians has to hands down be THE WORST game I have ever played... Ever. Yes this thing is worse then some of those stupid dating games that take 4 minutes. This game is so terrible.. and not terrible in the way that makes you laugh at the horror, like movies or funny YouTube clips. No this is the kind of bad that makes me embarrassed to call myself a programmer every now and then.

Lets start at the beginning. The premise of the game is to go down the hill on a snowboard, preform some tricks, try not to crash, and hope the judges give you a high enough score to move on.

I am pretty sure the judges scores are COMPLETELY RANDOM. Yes, they make no sense at all, whether you complete the tricks, add a dozen more or crash, your score still seems to get pulled from thin air. You can literally get two 10's and a 3. I love the effect of judges taking their time to score you, because CLEARLY they just pulled a random integer for the number of seconds before the judge rates you.

Now, assuming the judges score IS based on something real, like tricks, lets hit the slopes.

Well ok there are multiple hills... but they make no sense. I feel like this flash game had no level testing at all. When you go off some jumps, you land on the edge of others and just crash. The game will glitch you from being upside down to being right side up. You actually just bounce off the snow when you land, and the physics makes NO sense at all. The longer you hold the rotation button, the faster you rotate.

Yes cause humans can affect their rotational speeds in mid air with that amount of perfect control... Oh but it calls it 'balance'.

Balance would be if this game had balance. I mean the sound is even stupid with the idea that the music stops and starts everytime you go down the hill... Oh and by the way the runs last about 8 seconds, if you make it down. If you don't make it down, and you crash... Well every crash in the game uses the exact same animation, and it will end up looking like this.

These Russians REALLY screwed up this game.

I mean, I am not one to openly flame anyone, but I am fairly sure I could learn flash, and write a better game with my eyes shut. This thing doesn't have an interface, sometimes the space button to start doesn't work... the pause button in the middle of a run makes no sense considering it takes 8 seconds to get down the hill... All in all, this is probably the lowest score I have ever given a game on this site to date. I am not even going to describe how to do tricks because you SHOULDN'T PLAY THIS GAME

... Let me stress that again...

I would recommend NEVER playing this game

Go play this one instead. It's fun, and highly addictive.


Longevity: 1.0/5
Interface: 1.5/5
Addictiveness: 1.0/5
Sound: 2.0/5
Simplicity: 2.5/5

Overall: 1.6/5