What do Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and Micheal Jackson all have in common? THEY ARE ZOMBIES! Another zombie game, I can't help it, but this one... well... I guarantee if you start playing, you will finish.
Infectonator: World Dominator by: Toge Productions takes a slightly different spin on the classical zombie game. Here I can only guess we are scientists of epic proportions who's only goal is world infection and destruction!

And it is fun!

I was once again sitting in class when I heard a friend across say, "Stupid Sanders why can't you be more like MJ and infect better." Needless to say I was perplexed, and interested, so I investigated. Today's gem is what I found.

This game, I can almost assure you, you will finish. It isn't very difficult, you can't lose, and it becomes progressively easier.

Players control the spread of what is clearly a strain of the deadly T-Virus... don't know what that is? Just Google it.

They are in control of where the outbreak will start in each city, and players must try and infect more and more innocent civilians as the game progress'. Zombie upgrades are purchased along the way to make your little guys more infectious, faster, or even longer lasting once they become undead.

Once the infection starts there is no stopping it, and while the chaos is going on, and people are dying, children eating their mothers brains out... You pocket the cash.

That's right, while the infection is running its course you had better be fast, and drag your cursor over the cash that drops out of peoples pockets... And why do we need money?

To purchase more upgrades, and infect more and more cities across the globe. World Infection is the only solution to this problem known as humanity.

Once players reach certain key cities they get super zombies. MJ, Sanders and Ronald are but a few, and each have key traits that make them effective at spreading the deadly virus. Be it zombie chickens, or a following of zombies that appear with him, these super zombies will help spread the deadly disease.

The sound effects and graphics are wonderful, classic 8-bit suits the game perfectly, and trust me anything more would kill your computer.

Yes this game is processor intensive, I suggest turning down the setting to Medium or Low if it starts to get choppy, which at least you can do.

I have to admit I loved playing this flash game, nothing beats the endless waves of civilians waiting to get eaten.

You can always save your data if the game gets to long, and score isn't just... infect the world... no it is how fast you can do it.

That's right, speed is of the essence here, and I encourage everyone to play through it twice, once to get used to it, and the second to try and get a high score.

To begin, work through the tutorial, it is very fast and easy and you will start spreading the plague in no-time.

So what are you waiting for, go out and complete the mission that the Umbrella Corporation is paying you to do.

Infect and pillage!


Longevity: 4.0/5
Interface: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 5.0/5
Sound: 4.0/5
Simplicity: 4.0/5

Overall: 4.3/5