Yeah sooo... this was a mistake, I mean if you are looking for a quick thing to kill 20 minutes before class by all means Bubble Cannon 2 can provide that relief, but thats about it.

To quote a friend of mine who I was sitting next to, playing the same game as her, "They probably spelled 'Bleue' wrong because they are dumb." This definitly sets the mood for the entire game, and trust me I am not wrong.

However since I must be objective in my rating, and fair, Bubble Cannon 2 by Gaz had some up points. A new take on the classic Bubble Bobble [released circa 1986] which if you haven't played just hit Alt+F4 now... does have some interresting ideas.

Game play consists of using a cannon-type launcher to shoot bubbles at one another, and to begin, the game is fairly simple. Users get score for popping bubbles, which ingeniously is done everytime you hit a bubble with the same color.

Every level you go up another color is added.

There end up being alot of colors...

I do like the game physics, totally clean and doing exactly what you would want them to, and sadly I had no sound to speak of while doing this review, since I was sitting next to someone in class, and just needed to kill sometime. So if that is what you need to do, and nothing more, then by all means check out Bubble Cannon 2... otherwise, if you want a REAL flash game... don't.


Longevity: 1.5/5
Interface: 3.5/5
Addictiveness: 2.0/5
Sound: 2.5/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 2.6/5