If you feel like wailing on your space bar to reset, and retry a level, then Max Dirt Bike by Max Games is the game for you. Based off a lot of similar trial-biking style games... this on has a few interesting... quirks, none of which are appealing to the user...

The first problem, and I know dear readers I comment on this a lot, but I just don't grasp how game designers miss it... is the inability to turn off the sound effects.

They have a quality setting, but I cannot turn off the annoying sounds... Anyway on to game play.

It is totally linear, users are in control of what seems to be some sort of motorized bike... it isn't on dirt, but apparently they think it is still a dirt bike... I was confused. Arrow keys control the movement, with up and down being forward and reverse, and left and right causing your rider to preform some interesting pelvic thrust maneuvers. These motions are "supposed" to rock the bike based on some fancy physics... however as we all know, flash games have the worst physics of all.

The reason I say you will hammer your space key is because it is the reset button for when you crash.

The most effective way of getting through harder levels was just press random buttons and you will get lucky eventually...

The entire game is timed, with an overall time based on every level... but since there is no score submit, and no tracking of any kind... who cares?
Overall this game might be worth 15 or 20 minutes of your time, but I struggled to make it the full half an hour. Once you finish the game, it sends you back to level 1 for who knows what reasoning.

Also for some odd reason the background and track color change every 5 levels... They are like an 80's hipster... trying to be cool.

Anyway, after this disappointment I'm looking for a good bike game with similar game play to this one to review, so if you know of any drop me the link!


Longevity: 1.0/5
Interface: 2.0/5
Addictiveness: 2.0/5
Sound: 1.5/5
Simplicity: 2.5/5

Overall: 1.8/5