Sequals! My word they seem to be all over the place of late. And let me tell you, The Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 (yes it's that long of a title) REALLY delivers as much or more than the original found here. It has a few more features, but a massive amount of more content.

You see the first Fancy Pants game is rather short. It did make me fairly giddy, but to be quite honest it felt like a game made to demonstrate a flash technique. Or something that was cooked up as a cool physics demonstration that turned into a game. This feeling of it never being made as a game really left me just slightly irked. I felt like the author had the opportunity to add a lot more depth to the game, and he just missed out.

Well, trust me, this version has enough depth for an olympic diver to jump into. There are a lot more levels, the nasty rabbit you have to fight at the very end for your awesome ice cream is fairly hard. Now that says a lot, because while the fight principles are simple, it was VERY tough to execute properly.

Overall game play is still the same, you still run around the world collecting little squiggles, you still jump on spiders and slide down hills. However, aside from just more levels, a few other touches have been made to the game. It handles nicer, with slides being smoother down hills especially on the new types of terrain. And originally wall-jumping was hardly used, well in this new world it is essential to be able to clear the levels. Not only that but now you can play golf!

That's right, the very start of the game has you teeing off on a turtles shell for a round of golf... this is a clue by the way for how to beat the last boss... that dastardly rabbit.

Everything is still fairly kosher. The menu's are still fully interactive, the music is still relaxed and fitting the game perfectly. You can disable it now, as well as being able to turn off stupid scrolling backgrounds if you find them distracting.

Now, it might sound like the game hasn't been updated much. But you'd be wrong. See, little things like your character taking a nap if you don't play much. Or if you pause the game you have the option of locking the keyboard preventing accidental continuing... a feature I've come to love. Also, levels have more detail in them. Trees are more artistic, the level design has more flow to it. It's like the original... only a batter newer and bigger version.

Overall I have to admit, this game simply makes me giddy everything I jump around. Honestly I spent 10 minutes in level select just sliding around on the platforms, it is ACTUALLY addicting... I had to remember to write this instead of just playing. This game might have you even come back a few times after you beat the nasty little rabbit. The trophies are worth collecting and a timer has been added for how fast the quickest time of completion you have is; Just another feature that makes it a little bit better than the original.


Longevity: 4.0/5
Interface: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 5/5
Sound: 4.5/5
Simplicity: 4.0/5

Overall: 4.4/5