So I am on a zombie playing game it would seem, between my last post, and today's, I think enough carnage is enough carnage. Actually todays game wasn't REALLY a zombie game when it came to feeling...

It was more of a side scrolling styled shooter.

Actually that is exactly what it was. Zombieland by urbansquall is a mildly entertaining game. I say mildly only because i found the game EXTREMELY limited in how much fun it delivers, I mean the idea of skateboarding around blasting through zombies is fantastic, but when put into practice the game really falls short.

It is extremely sloooowwwww paced it feels like, and again, extremely limited everything...

On the bright side, Zombieland does have some redeeming qualities, like the fact that you get to mow down zombies in a Zamboni of death and destruction.

So, to begin players are using what I would say looks like a Nerf gun or something, however you get a new gun you just roll over a crate on the ground, and start shooting...

I really hated the weapon system in this game, I mean you have a timer that ends your ability to use that weapon, and you can't save them, you can't stock pile, you can't do anything but use the game you have to use. Really a terrible system for weapons, and also you can find health containers strewn about the ground at random intervals.

When you run into a zombie, or undead-thing, you take a point of damage, and to be honest the animations for that are mildly amusing, like being regurgitated.

Gamers advance to higher levels where the number of zombies on the screen coming at you will grow, and eventually you can fight mini bosses... these bosses basically are reliant on you getting a ranged weapon other then a shotgun... and killing them REALLY isn't hard at all. In fact they are easier then regular zombie waves.

Picking up the keys to your ride lets you mow down zombies in your Zamboni, and during regular play make sure you avoid the lady driving the yellow car. She spells instant doom no matter what your life total.

Overall, I had a friend REALLY hype this game up, only to be sadly let down...

Atleast it had a mute button...


Longevity: 2.0/5
Interface: 4.0/5
Addictiveness: 2.5/5
Sound: 2.0/5
Simplicity: 3.5/5

Overall: 2.8/5